Natural London Blue Topaz Rings from Silver City

Topaz stone comes from the mineral family of Silicates; it is an aluminum silicate that contains fluorine and hydroxyl and in its pure form is colorless and transparent.

However, this semi-precious gemstone often contains impurities that color in a variety of tones such as black, yellow, orange, blue, gray and more. The most important characteristic of topaz is its color, which to a large extent determines the stone’s value. Topaz is known as a relatively hard gemstone, rated 8 out of 10 on the Mohs scale.

Topaz stone has at least two thousand year old history, the use of which goes back to Egyptian times when the ancient Egyptians believed that yellow topaz received its golden hue from the Sun God, Ra.

There are commonly three colors of blue topaz on the market today. Sky blue, Swiss blue, and London blue. A deep blue enhanced topaz is known as “London blue” and is one of the most important semi-precious gemstones in the world of jewelry.


14K Yellow Gold Diamond Natural London Blue Topaz Ring Oval 9x7mm, sizes 5-10

At Silver City, we have stunning London blue topaz rings that will make a great addition to your evening dress, a formal outfit and more. As an example, our 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Natural London Blue Topaz Ring Oval 9x7mm, sizes 5-10 might look appealing to you. It´s an ideal jewelry item for a special occasion.

If you prefer flower shapes with a flair for unique, our 14K Yellow Gold Natural London Blue Topaz Flower Diamond Halo Ring Oval 6×4 mm, sizes 5 10 is what you need. Dare to be the center of attention and feel fabulous!

For the ones who like cushion-cut designs, consider Silver City´s exquisite 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Natural London Blue Topaz Ring Cushion-cut 8×8 mm, sizes 5-10. This original and creative accessory has a unique style that goes hand in hand with being successful in every party or occasion that you attend.

If you like emerald-cut jewelry pieces, look no further than Silver City´s 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Natural London Blue Topaz Ring Emerald-cut 8x6mm, sizes 5-10.

More similar topaz items are available at Silver City´s corner dedicated to London Blue Topaz and if you are interested to uncover a vast collection of other unique jewelry items, feel free to check out Silver City’s homepage.

You will find that unique and outstanding jewelry item that will make you feel stylish, different and original.

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