White Gold Pearl Earrings for your perfect Autumn Look

It’s that time of year again when leaves start changing their colors, and you can feel the weather starting to get colder. This also means that it’s time to change your wardrobe and switch to warmer clothes. With this change, the outfits you wear might require different pieces as opposed to your summer outfits. Furthermore, you need to prepare your ensembles for all the major events that happen in autumn. Luckily, Silver City has come to the rescue. Read on to find out about the earrings that will tie any look together.


The White Gold Pearl Earrings are made from solid 14 karat gold with genuine diamonds and 7mm precious pearls set in them. The high-quality diamonds are 0.13-carat brilliant cut. Additionally, white gold is more durable than yellow gold since it contains nickel, hence, these earrings are guaranteed to last you a long time.


When you wear a piece of jewelry, you always have to take into account the message that it communicates. There are three components in these stud earrings that are open to interpretation and make them what they are: stunning. First off, the earrings are made of 14 karats white gold which looks nice on all skin tones and has a calm and intricate glow. As for the precious pearls, they represent chastity and modesty. Lastly, genuine diamonds are believed to be a symbol of purity and innocence. Furthermore, since diamonds are one of the most precious stones in the world, they also represent exclusivity. The earrings overall convey simplicity and, since less is more, these will be the perfect addition to your autumn look.


The earrings are simple and elegant. Therefore, they will fit into any outfit you put on. You can wear them to go to a fancy dinner, as well as just brunch with your girlfriends. The versatility of the earrings should be enough reason for you to include this piece in your autumn wardrobe.

Matching an outfit

As mentioned before, the earrings go well with all skin tones due to the white color of the gold and the pearls. Furthermore, the white matches with most colors that your outfit could include. If you wish to keep your look simple and classic, you can match the earrings with a black or grey dress or blouse. If you wish to make your look seem bold, wear it with unusual colors such as a combination of a dark and light purple.

Overall, switching your outfits to match the weather may be a difficult process. However, thanks to Silver City, you can acquire the White Gold Pearl Earrings and make sure to complete any look that you put together. The earrings are an eye catcher and will make sure you look fantastic at all times.


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