3 Gorgeous Earring Ideas for Your Evening Look

Every once in a while you may find a perfect dress to wear to a fancy evening out. However, no outfit is ever complete without the perfect jewelry. It is especially difficult to find the ideal pair of earrings to enhance your face. Luckily, Silver City is your best friend when it comes to finding the pair you didn’t even know you were looking for. Read on to find out about the three earrings that will wrap up your perfect look.

Sterling Silver Art Deco Lever Back Synthetic Blue Sapphire Earrings

The first option that Silver City offers is a gorgeous pair of blue synthetic sapphire earrings with Expert Quality Stone Setting finished with Rhodium. The synthetic sapphire is much harder than other color materials and is a close look alike to the natural stone. The earrings are made of Sterling Silver with excellent quality CZ stones in Art Deco Style and have a lever back to ease the process of putting them on. This dazzling pair is excellent for any style and will make you shine wherever you go. For an enhanced effect, wear it with a blue dress to accentuate the beautiful color of the earrings.

Sterling Silver Tri-Color Diamond Cut Tubing Dangling Circles Earrings

This pair is perfect for a more fun outfit. They are 2-3/4 inches tall, so an updo hairstyle would go amazingly with these. These shiny Sterling Silver earrings will draw attention to you and fill you with confidence. Any color dress you wear, they will suit perfectly since they have neutral colors. If you wish to make the earrings the centerpiece of your outfit, wear them with a black or white dress.

Sterling Silver CZ Green Emerald Stud Earrings Platinum Coated Basket Setting

Lastly, this option is a pair of Sterling Silver CZ Platinum Coated Basket Setting stud earrings. It is perfect for those who want a pop of color. The sublime green of the 7 mm (1 1/4 carat each) Round Brilliant Cut Cubic Zirconia Emerald Stones is the biggest value adding characteristic of the earrings. They would go perfectly with a green dress and draw more attention to your face. Additionally, wearing the studs with a neutral colored dress will accentuate the beauty of the natural stone. Just like the other options, an updo hairstyle will compliment your ensemble.

Overall, these three pairs of earrings are magnificent in every way and, at least one of them will fit perfectly into your outfit. Your quest to finding the right jewelry will be over thanks to Silver City. Choose any pair you like and be sure that they will enhance your outfit and bring your look together.


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