3 Fantastic Jewelry Ideas for Your New Year Evening Look

With the most wonderful time of the year coming up, you must be thinking to yourself what you will be wearing on the special evening of New Year’s. However not superstitious you may be, a little part of you will still think that the way you meet the New Year will be the way you live it.

So, you will still write those resolutions in your diary, put on the best dress you have and do your makeup like there’s no tomorrow. Something you should know is: a look is never complete without jewelry. Luckily, Silver City has come to take the pressure of finding the perfect pair of earrings and pendant off your shoulders. Read on to find out about the three amazing jewelry sets that will inspire your outfit for that special night.

Genuine Diamond Elongated Earrings and Pendant Set

The first option is a dazzling pair of 3/16 inches wide elongated earrings with a matching pendant that comes with a gold chain. It is a 0.65 cttw set with genuine diamonds around 14K solid gold. It is the perfect addition to your outfit. The classic look of these pieces will make you shine both literally and figuratively. Moreover, the set will match any dress since it has a very neutral color.

White Gold Natural Swiss Blue Topaz Lever Back Earrings & Pendant Set

The next option has a little more pizzazz. It is a set of earrings and pendant made of 14K white gold set with all-natural gemstones. It is accented with genuine brilliant cut diamonds and has a swiss blue topaz in the middle. Additionally, it comes with an 18-inch long Rope chain. In case you have blue eyes, the pendant and earrings will bring out your eyes and highlight their color.

White Gold Natural Emerald Earrings and Pendant Set with Diamond Halo

This last one is a set of earrings and pendant made of 14K solid white gold. It is round 5mm and has a beautiful emerald in the middle which is surrounded by genuine diamonds with halo accents. The set will complete your look and make you the center of attention in any situation. You can match the jewelry with a green dress or incorporate more neutral colors to accentuate the earrings and pendant even more.

Thanks to Silver City, you can be the center of attention at any party you attend. These three pieces will complete any ensemble and make you look even more perfect than before. Silver City wishes you a Happy New Year and ensures that you will look good on the Eve of that special day.



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