3 Perfect Leather Bracelet Ideas for this Spring

It’s almost spring, and the weather is getting warmer and warmer. Soon, there’ll be no need to wear jackets, and that is why you need to hear about these perfect leather bracelets that will add so much to your spring outfits. Nothing will be covering your arms, so you have to spice up your look with some accessories. Lucky for you, Silver City is here to make your job easier and your outfits more exceptional. Read on to find out about the three bracelets that’ll take your breath away.

Braided Brown Leather Bracelet

The first option has a very simple and elegant design. It is made of leather and has a high-quality stainless steel clasp. The length of the bracelet is 7 ½ inches, while the width is 5/16 inches. Its braided design gives the bracelet the spark it needs and nothing less. The bracelet can be worn with both casual and formal outfits thanks to its neutral construction. Furthermore, it can match any color outfit you choose. A great way to integrate this bracelet into your ensemble would be to wear other neutral colors and let the bracelet be the center of attention. What’s not to love?

Gray Leather Wrap Swarovski Crystal Studded Bracelet

The next option is a little more eye catching with its 22.5 inch length and Swarovski crystals studded all over. It is made of high quality full grain leather which means that the bracelet is scratch resistant and develops a patina, so, over time it will look even better. To top it all off, the bracelet is made in Italy with the utmost quality to make sure you shine whenever and wherever you go. A perfect way to utilize the bracelet would be to wear it with a silver watch on the same arm which will make your ensemble complete.

Brown Leather Wrap Bracelet

Much like the option mentioned before, this bracelet is made in Italy with the highest quality materials and care. This brown, almost bordeaux color will surely match any outfit you put on and give it some more charm. The bracelet wraps around your arm three times and locks with its magnetic clasp which is made of 316L Surgical Steel. It has the most powerful rare earth magnet, so you don’t have to worry about ever losing it. If the option mentioned before was too shiny for you, then this is the one you should go for since it incorporates the same materials, however, has a more neutral look to it.

Overall, it doesn’t matter if you are already a fan of bracelets or are just getting to like them. You should get one or even all of these options and make your accessory table shine along with your spring outfits. You will surely get your money’s worth since the bracelets are made of high quality leather which ensures their durability. Don’t be scared to go out of your comfort zone and try these leather bracelets on for size.

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