5 Unusual Charms that will Highlight Your Uniqueness

Little details most often make the biggest differences. Accessories are one of the best ways of incorporating those little details into your everyday outfits. Lucky for you, Silver City has the best jewelry collection that will capture your heart. The jewelry is made with utmost care, and the quality speaks for itself. If you’ve been looking for charms to decorate your bracelets or necklaces, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out what delicate charms you can find from Silver City and why they’re going to be the little details that spice up your outfits.

Unusual Charms

High Heel Stiletto Shoe Charm for Bracelet

This little masterpiece is made of sterling silver with a rhodium finish which makes it look like white gold and gives it an anti-tarnish effect. 19mm tall, this charm looks like high heel stiletto shoes. It is covered with aqua-colored enamel which goes perfectly with the silver it is surrounded with. Get this gorgeous charm and be sure that it’ll give your bracelet a very feminine look.

Multi-Color Hand Bag Purse Charm for Bracelet

Another feminine piece is this multi-color handbag purse charm that is made of sterling silver with a rhodium finish. It is 15mm tall and will bring some life into your jewelry collection with its bright colors. Made of the highest quality materials, this charm will serve you as long as you want and will not lose its looks anytime soon.

Chili Jalapeno Pepper Charm for Bracelet

This piece is very unique thanks to its deep green color. It looks like a jalapeno pepper and has cubic zirconia stones all over the middle. The stones and colored enamel suit the silver color perfectly and give it a premium look. If you’ve been looking for a delicate but spicy charm, this is the one to go for.

Butterfly Charm for Bracelet

This 18mm tall butterfly charm will give you a youthful look. The red and green colored enamel won’t lose their looks over time and will stick around as long as you wish. This charm is also made of sterling silver with a rhodium finish, so, you can be sure to show it off wherever you go.

Pen Pencil Charm for Bracelet

The last charm we offer is a dark blue pencil made of sterling silver with a rhodium finish. Just like the rest, this charm is covered in colored enamel which is guaranteed to last you very long. Since you are what you wear and your jewelry reflects your personality, getting this charm for your bracelet will give you a more creative look.

Whether you are getting it for yourself or as a gift, this charm will bring joy to anyone’s jewelry box and make the owner happy whenever they look down at their wrist. Get one or even all of these charms and give some character to your jewelry. You can thank us later for spicing up your everyday outfits with these little details.

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